Hello! Thank you very much for visiting this website.

My name is Dee and I have been crocheting since I was in Junior High, hundreds of years ago. ­čśÇ I stopped crocheting for a while when focusing on a “career” that gone bad, and decided to go back crocheting again in 2011 in order to have a peace of mind. Crochet is indeed a very good medium for meditation and achieving some sort of calmness. I used to be a contract osteoarchaeologist and I also work as part-time translator for a private company.

The blog is called Hooked, Yarned, and Dangerous — somehow wanting to express the two opposite things that I love: skeletonised┬áhuman remains and colourful yarns. Both things don’t usually goes well if included within one sentence or conversation. Although I am no┬álonger┬áactively dabbling within the decaying world of archaeology, I still now and then write things about it and somehow, that mindset cannot be removed. So, please pardon me if there are pictures of skeletal remains showing up here and there in the posts. In any cases, if needed, please click here for my professional resume.

I love crocheting! Youtube and Pinterest are my bibles. When I wanted to start crocheting again, I did not know where to pick up the skill and polish what I already had. The I found out that Youtube is actually AWESOME! You can almost find ANYthing on Youtube. Along the way, I picked up new things and new techniques and developed my own philosophy in crochet. In a way it is an outlet to express myself, which is very hard to do in office environment (too much conflict of interests). In crochet I found solace, freedom, and self gratitude. That is why I do not believe that crochet is limited with regulations or norms. Crochet is free, crochet is freedom. Everybody should be able to express themselves with crochet, no matter which yarn you are using or which hook size you want to get.

I wouldn’t consider myself as an artist per se, since I have no skills at all to be one, and I really hate it when some people refer to me as “the master”. It sounded like a mockery. I am still as novice as I used to be. Picking up some new techniques and liking it does not always mean that I am better than anyone else. Nope, not humble, realistic. LOL. I am very outspoken, opinionated, expressive, and very bitchy. I use foul languages time to time and I love it. I also like dark humour, because the world is simply like that through my set of eyes. Pardon me, if being sarcastic and funny at the same time does not count as funny at all.

Retiring early from field works, I decided to open a mini business venture that is a yarn shop. My ultimate (and reasonable and doable) dream right now is to be surrounded with as many yarns as possible. And here we are. My shop is very personal to me, as a financial and personal turning point. So I do take everything seriously. I am a perfectionist and headstrong, therefore I handle everything myself: from picking out yarns to be displayed, inspecting each yarn balls, packing, and shipping. There will be a looong time before I can trust this shop and include someone else in it. Thanks to some people, I have lost faith in another set of hands other than mine.

As per my own projects, first and foremost, I like to create items that are suitable for me. I am aware that patterns I found online are usually more applicable to body sizes different than mine, and sometimes, yarn size and crochet gauge are also different. There are times that I have to be able to convert what I have in hand and obtain the gauge needed or to fit myself. Sometimes it can be very tricky (or too tricky) and this usually leads to me, leaving the project as is, or undone.

I also love blogging. LIES! I love playing with HTML and CSS designs, to be exact. Blogging is one of the way to vent and let out what I want to say but has no place in my real life interaction. In blogging I found the opportunity to polish photographic skills, story telling skills, writing skills, and crocheting skills.

So, have a good time, read through – and I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I do when creating it. ­čÖé