Yuhuuu!! Welcome to the Crochet 101 a la Dee of KuCrochet Yarn Shop.

Below are some essays I have written about what I learned (and still am learning) about crochet during the past few years. Here is where my bad habit starts: all the titles are in English, but most of the articles are written in Bahasa Indonesia. Sorry, my bad. 😛 But it does not alter the aims and objectives of the essays, anyway. LOL. These essays are written by combining sources of information on the internet and books that I have read during these past years. Yes, crochet also has textbooks — more like archaeology, too. And heck, textbooks can be very boring, but we do need to cover the basics of crocheting before diving into making arts with it.  Maintaining the integrity of writing, as per usual, I will always put sources cited in the articles and if I have forgotten something, do leave your comments in the assigned area — and I will get to it. I am also open for ideas or topics to write, also leave your input in the comments area.

Thanks sooo much for visiting, I hope for the very least these articles can help beginners to get started and get crocheting! 🙂