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American Horror Story: My Kind of Story

No crochet related topic today. I just want to rant about this amazing series, no, really… I am CRAZY about American Horror Story, from season 1 to the end — I hope they will STAY for a looooooooooong time, at least like The X Files, but I would prefer them to stay as long as The Simpsons. Okaaaay, Family Guy, if The Simpsons (of 26 seasons) is too far out. 😀

I’m into designs some years ago. I successfully lifted the curse of Photoshop fear and designing with the help of my bestfriend, Melissa, who taught me basic Photoshop. She’s my folie a deux, so she kinda have to do it. LOL. The first time I watched AHS, I fell in love with it immediately. It emanates every views I have of life: dark, gory, gothic, illuminated, torture, and fun. Yes, I am that person who thinks dark and scary things are fun. So is Melissa, so… yeah… that’s why we’re still friends. My other friends are too rom-com to watch horror flicks — and they say I am too bitter to watch chick flicks. Whatever. LOL. AHS is every aspects of my life. I dealt with dead people’s skeletons, I wrote articles and reports on dead people, I got paid to actually digging up dead people. So… yeah, I love it. I kinda miss that, nowadays… you know, dealing with dead people. #curcol Oh, but anyways… I fell in love with AHS so much I even downloaded the font featured on the series: Hill House font (can be downloaded here). AND LOVED IT! The pictures you see are my rendition of AHS posters. I got the images from Google Images and the font— is just AWESOME!

I have NO COMPLAINTS whatsoever from the first season to the fourth one, although I do not actually favour the fourth season, but ever since I saw that clown up close… my decision changed. Too bad that he did not show up later on in the season… I was hoping he will be one of the stories. Well, he did, but just very brief. I feared and liked the clown at the same time — and I am NOT a fan of CLOWNS. There’s something mischievous about their smiles. And I was right… I loved the Murder House; the story of Violet is very personal to me. I loved the Asylum; because I think it took every crappy found footage movies about ghost hunting in an asylum a little bit further out of the comfort zone. Oh, and of course, Adam Levine lost his arm there too. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED season 3!!! I love witches, wicca, and every other bit about fringe religions and I love New Orleans. If I were ever to choose where to live, New Orleans is in one on my list. DEFINITELY! And who doesn’t know Madam Lalaurie or Marie Laveau?? I do wish I can come to New Orleans once and put an X on her gravestone. I feel that you can be anything in New Orleans. I want to go to New Orleans now! LOL. And season 4; oh— everything that is wrong in humankind nowadays is portrayed greatly in Dandy Mott. He’s just wrong to have lived. I mean, WRONG!

Now, I cannot wait for summer series to start, because AHS brings out stories of Hotel. The first time I learned the announcement of the theme on season 5, all I can imagine is those twins from The Shining (“Come play with us… forever and ever and ever…”)

Oh, wrong clip! LOL. Yeah, Macfarlane did one too about those creepy girls… Maybe AHS 5 will feature the stories from the most haunted hotels in America, maybe a little take on 1408, maybeeeeeeee — umm… Hotel Cecil. I did some Youtube research and I think I am correct that they will do a take on Hotel Cecil. I have never been to the US, I have never been to LA, but watching Richard Ramirez’s documentary and saw Hotel Cecil there, it just felt wrong. Suwung, as Javanese people would say.  I SO CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!! And rumour is, that this will be the last season Jessica Lange will participate on AHS. #bawl She is my GODDESS. She’s every bit of me that is bitter. I love her! Bitter, but classy. I also heard that Lady Gaga will get some parts in season 5. I am not a fan of her music, but I do like her style. Crazy, but it suits my liking. I love her ideas and I think she will fit in perfectly to the atmosphere of AHS.

Oh, man! Why had I not discover Ryan Murphy before???! His work in AHS is spectacular. Okay– I will be very patient and calm and wait for season 5 while I have AHS season 1-4 binge watching. Before I go, here’s an interesting clip from Youtube.



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