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International Crochet Month

Happy March!!

— which apparently is National Crochet Month in the USA. But I don’t see why not make it International Crochet Month and celebrate it as well over here? or in Ravelry? LOL. Visit the group (and join too!) here (link). I have several things to do this March, also crochet related and of course: shop related. I have found some problems in the website that I have to put it into maintenance mode, for almost 2 weeks now. But orders are still accepted via Line/Whatsapp.

I have a new order in line to make a queen sized blanket and a set of pillowcase (4 pcs) so, I will be busy this month fo sho. And on the side, my lessons on designing garments has yet to achieve a new level, which means I need to focus more on it as well. I am also looking into adding new colours on the Big Ply Cotton and Soft Cotton line on the shop, but this one might come later this month. Plus, I have to make more doilies, as the ones I have ready are already gone aka sold. Yay!

During the last week of February I have feasted my eyes upon the creativity of Helen Roedel, Doris Chan, and some other haute couture crocheted garments and tried sooo hard to follow the lessons on YouTube, and the best videos are in –either Portuguese or Spanish. That’s an extra effort. I don’t speak Portuguese and my Spanish is broken. LOL. Extra effort. But I will get through it. Meanwhile, I do have to restrain myself and focus on the blanket order too. I will post the progress of the project in this blog as well, later in the process. The yarns have been ordered and hopefully will be arriving this Thursday or Friday, and then I can get started. I can’t wait. I really like the colours that the customer had chosen, and how he wanted me to work on it, and I have good feelings about it. 🙂 We’ll see… we’ll see…

So, I guess, have a merry crocheting March and have fun crafting!!!


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