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New Year, New Place

writing this in the LAST hour of 2014


Welcome to our new basecamp: KuCrochet Yarn Shop – THE BLOG!! Yay! This is the ultimate place, heavily integrated to the online shop. I have had the most fun time ever, creating, designing, and arranging entries into these spaces.

In the old blog, I did wrote about New Year Resolution for 2015; and it seems like I have managed to cover several points off of it:

  • Activating the website  CHECKED
  • Creating products database  CHECKED
  • Moving the blog  CHECKED
  • Attaching appropriate modules to the online shop  CHECKED

Yay! I did half of my personal and shop-related resolutions even before 2014 ends! I am so happy and contented. It has been a while since I felt such personal accomplishment and I love how it feels. I did had to dig deeper into libraries of CSS/HTML, studying CMS and XML; but not to the extent of a pro. I think I barely scratch just the surface of it. But, I can design with this new interface now, and I must say, this one has more fulfilling points than just the old blogger interface. I love the way the design came up in the blog area, and oh my Gosh, the SLIDER in the front page! I looooove it. Though I need to play with some Cartesian rules to get the fucked up version corrected.

Reminiscing the beginning of this little tiny shop of mine, my new playground, my little corner, my own distraction from hurtful feelings, my non-EU degree, and fake invoices produced by irresponsible parties; it was only six months ago. I must say I wouldn’t dare to imagine to be able to manage a website, let alone having almost 500 followers on Instagram WITHOUT employing that paid spammer followers account. To be honest, I really like the exclusivity of the shop’s followers and future customers.

brb – coffee must be made…

It is a challenge to run a shop by myself, managing, and whatnot. I have been studying the topic of “creative business” on the internet and hell yeah, nothing is easy. But at least this time, my effort counts because I do it myself. As I have told you, this shop is very personal, combining things I have stumbled in my previous life that I don’t like or disappointed at, and turning it into my system. During the past four years I have come to terms with a lot of dishonesty – and I hate dishonest things or dishonest people. I hate it even more when dishonest things happened in front of my eyes and I was not allowed to say it out loud or correct it because “it’s the system”. Therefore, I decided to get out of the system and make my own system. Burden comes in forms of responsibility to cater to customers’ needs and I do not mind. I love my customers!! 🙂 – A note from FOUR MONTHS FLASHBACKS @blogspot.

I do not want to promise you all anything. As I said, this little shop project is very personal for me, its being, its meaning, and its future. I decided to ignore unsupportive, unruly, and dishonest parties to leave the space for better things. But, I know I need to make a commitment to myself, that yarn is above all.  Hahaha, oh my Gosh, I remembered the last time someone asked me for my professional commitments, but refusing the fact that they have to pay me to get me to commit. Are you reading this, man? I am not ashamed to write this down and let the world knows of what happened. I don’t have to lie, but you do. *wink

Henceforth, I wish a very great beginning for 2015, for the shop, for the love of yarns and crochet, for more creative muses to produce amazing things, for more guts to learn new techniques, and new friendships based on the love of yarns. [shoutout to Deva (@devacupa) who has helped me through the making editing of this website and for the friendship over the Line chatline] So long 2014, I am happy I have my pretty arse facing your way right now.

Happy frikkin New Year, y’all!!!

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