Personal Notes


For the hundredth of times, I am revamping the blog. I decided to give a very personal touch to the blog linking directly from the shop. I have nothing to hide. LOL. So, I moved all the old entries from blogspot to this new interface and I am lovin’ it! icon (21) So many things to do and re-arrange on this new blog. I am loving every second of designing the galleries, the posts, the CSS…

First of all, it’s a blog. It is supposed to be personal. Moreover, my shop project is indeed personal. So, pardon me, if there are personal and loud thoughts being written here. As I told you, I have nothing to hide. Most of my entries are crochet-related lately. It’s more like a journal, rather than a complete tutorial website. I do have tutorials, but maybe not as good as those professional crocheters out there.

Anyways, I have to get back on importing all the files to this blog and I will see you in another post!


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