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Oh, wow! When was the last time I wrote here? So many things happened along the way and I simply had no quiet and tranquil moments to sit down and write a lot. I want to promise that in the future I will write more, but we all know I am just going to break that promise. Hmm, so perhaps, I should stick to the plan of “writing when I have the time”.

Next week I will be going to another excavation and lab-training workshops, which means I will leave the shop one more time — after leaving it to work with the PREHsea event last May-June 2016. Before I go, I think it’d be nice if I could create a small library for crochet stitches that I have gathered from around the web — and perhaps have posted some of these stitches on the KuCrochet Facebook Fanpage. So, bookmark and try on some new stitches by yourself! 🙂 I will be adding up more new stitches in the future. This – is a promise I know I can keep.

Disclaimer: All stitch pattern link goes to respective source. All photographs are courtesy of each respective writer. I only use ONE image per stitch tutorial which will be linked directly towards their websites. I hope I have credited them all properly. Should there be any objections, please contact me directly and personally. Please do not cyber-bash people here — it’s not elegant. 

Crochet Spike Stitch

How To Crochet The Spike Stitch

by Olivia of Hopeful Honey

Larksfoot Crochet Stitch

by Allison Murray of Dream A Little Bigger

Candy Stick Stitches

by Susan of Felted Button

Puff/Bobble Stitch

by Allison Murray of Dream A Little Bigger

V Double Crochet Stitch

by Allison Murray of Dream A Little Bigger

Diamond Mesh Stitch

Primrose Stitch

by Krista of Rescued Paw Designs

Box Puff Stitch

Box Stitch

Arcade Stitch

Apache Tears Stitch

Star Stitch

by Kathryn Vercillo via

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