Last updated: January, 2014

Welcome to my online resume. This page is especially designed to cater updated information, work experiences, and education I had participated on regarding to the enrichment and development of my career. Above are the categories of my information, in which I hope to find useful for you before making professional contacts. E-mail address is included on the bottom of background tab for all correspondences to be addressed to.
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Full name: Dyah Prastiningtyas
Last education: Master of Science in Human Osteology & Funerary Archaeology
Nationality: Indonesian

I am a hardworking, a perfectionist, and a fast learner with ability to be meticulous in details. Great interest in human palaeopathology, bioarchaeology, human osteoarchaeology, and field anthropology of mortuary behaviour. Field experience in archaeological excavation and experiences with human skeletal remains identification within archaeological context.

I am very passionate on topics of palaeopathology, forensic archaeology, and palaeodemography. I have experience working as an independent researcher providing assistance to those in need of recognition, determination, and analysis of skeletal human remains within archaeological contexts. Though majorly working with archaeological remains, I am still willing to include forensic remains onto my working experience.

I am also a part-time translator for ENGxIND v.v., specializing on subjects of archaeology, history, culture, social, and anthropology. My translation service (samples, rates, & agreements) is based upon request, may be addressed via e-mail correspondence.

Currently, I operate and run a craft supply store.

»» Advance Human Osteology Identification
»» Photography
»» Crochet (basic & Tunisian)
»» Graphic design (using Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)
»» Written translation Bahasa Indonesia x English, v.v.
»» Intermediate HTML/CSS coding
»» Language acquisition: Bahasa Indonesia (native), English (fluent written & oral), Spanish & Filipino (passive & basic knowledge)
Master of Science (M.Sc.) – 2009 in Human Osteology and Funerary Archaeology, Graduate School of Archaeology and Archaeological Science, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) – 2008 – Department of Archaeology, Faculty of Cultural Studies, University of Indonesia, Indonesia

»» November 2012-ongoing: Freelance translator, SMERU Research Institute.

»» March 2014: fellow researcher in projects of Gua Harimau research. Laboratory activities.

»» September-October 2013: Osteoarchaeologist. Analisis Sisa Manusia Leang Talimbue, dengan Pusat Arkeologi Nasional. Supervisor: Fadhila Aziz Arifin.

»» August-September 2013: Archaeologist. Grogolan Wetan, Sangiran, research & excavation

»» July-August 2013: Archaeologist. Matar (East Java) research & excavation (Mission 2)

»» May- June 2013: Osteoarchaeologist. Gua Harimau (South Sumatera)

»» March 2013: Osteoarchaeologist. Human remains repatriation, Jayapura, Papua

»» February 2013 – August 2013: Osteoarchaeologist. Dental remains identification & analysis of Aru Manara excavated human remains. Co-colleague: Rintaro ONO (Tokai University)

»» May 13th – June 1st 2013: Osteoarchaeologist. Gua Harimau (South Sumatera) – Mission 6

»» November – December 2012: Osteoarchaeologist. Gua Harimau (South Sumatera) – Mission 5

»» July – December 2011: Osteoarchaeologist. Human skeletal remains analysis of Batujaya (West Java) at Pusat Arkeologi Nasional, Jakarta.

»» May – June 2011: Archaeologist. Matar (East Java) research & excavation (Mission 1)

»» June – August 2010: Osteoarchaeologist. Cikuntul, Karawang (West Java), excavation & research

  • 2010. Peranan Osteologi dalam Mengenali Kanibalisme.Romantika Arkeologia No. 37. KAMA FIB-UI: Depok, Jawa Barat. pp: 10-14.
  • 2012. Preservasi Sisa Manusia dari All Saints Church, Fishergate, York. Inggris. Jurnal Konservasi Cagar Budaya Borobudur 6(7): 44-51. Balai Konservasi Borobudur, Jawa Tengah.
  1. Analysis of Human Dentition Assemblage of Aru Manara, Indonesia
  2. Human Skeletal Remains from Gua Harimau, Padang Bindu, South Sumatera (Mission #6)
  3. Human Skeletal Remains from Gua Harimau, Padang Bindu, South Sumatera (Mission #5)