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A Crochet Chevron Story


It’s been a while I haven’t written anything new in this blog. During which time, I have grown an obsession with the pattern chevron. Ever since I saw Lucy’s post on her ripple blanket, I found it quite challenging to achieve the pattern and texture that is supposed to be chevron or ripples. I bookmarked the blog, and promised myself to come back later to crack the chevron story and codes. LOL.

b463fa05bdd9dc461d445a19e41b28bdWell, that was TWO years ago. Now, I think I cracked it. Browsing around Pinterest also helped me figuring out what is going on with the chevron, what’s the deal, how to do it. This time, I left out Youtube option. I saw this maxi dress-slash-skirt on Pinterest, and thought I can figure out what the hell is going on in there. I figured, if I can crack the code of ripples and chevron, then I can figure out this. Hmm… tricky business…

After days and days of contemplating, mathematics scheming, calculating, scribbling in Photoshop, and unraveling plenty of yarns, I managed to figure it out and made myself a dress. Well, it’s still halfway done, but I get the jizz; and I am happy! The pattern is NOT EXACTLY like this picture on the right, I did some modification and tried another method of chevroning the fabric, but, I did it!!

Below is the chart for the pattern I am using:


Apparently it’s a full length pattern repeat. LOL. Sorry about that, I will also upload the short pattern so it’s easier to see the actual motif. I figured, it’d be awesome if I maintain the  pattern repeat to an even number, say 4, 6, 8, 10, and so on. Nevertheless, what I did was making an odd pattern repeat of 7, because I am too caught up with the chain count for the bodice. *stupid! But—- but!!! The dress came out pretty (still) because the skirt part appears to be flowy and asymmetric, which is cool. LOL. Sometimes, I have to compromise with asymmetrics, you know— not everything is symmetric. It’s okay.. it’s a mistake that can compliment the garment. It’s fine… don’t panic! That’s what I love about crochet, mistakes make it even more unique.

This post will continue later with pictures of half of the dress. I am attaching the straps now, and I think I will finish the straps tonight.

February 21st, 2015

IMG_4220 - CopyI posted this entry about a week ago, and boy, have I changed my mind again! LOL. Well, due to yarn calculations, I decided to make the garment piece into a skirt, instead of a dress. I have attached the i-cord to make it more flexible in width, as well as to hold the skirt to my waist. It turned out awesome! I loved it.

The picture on the right shows the original plan, but I ripped out the panel from the waist up and added two rows of single crochet and one row of treble crochet for the i-cord. I will put up a picture when it’s done. I am now at the last panel of the skirt, that is the black panel. If you notice the skewness and the un-neat-ness of the waist up panel, it’s because I miscounted it and had to decrease upward. Lessons learned: #1 it’s not always a good decision to decrease upwards; and #2 don’t fucking miscount the beginning chain, it will fuck up all the hard work you did; #3 it is best to work downward, instead of dividing the sections into up and down panels. Although feasible, but, it takes more skill (which I have none of it) to decrease the bodice.

And yes, four-letter curse words are permitted when you realise you make mistakes in crocheting.

  • “Oh, no” is when you ran out of yarn in the middle of crocheting;
  • “Shit” is when you realised you miscounted the beginning chain and the pattern does not fit;
  • “Crap” is when you’re one-third of the pattern and realised that it’s too complicated and you might have to unravel the yarn;
  • “Damn” is when you’re doing doilies or in-the-round pattern and you worked the wrong round in the pattern; and
  • “Fuck” is when you are halfway done and realise that it does not fit your body at all (read: re-do the whole thing) and throw away the project to the pile of undone WIPs.

See? They are permitted. LOL. You can curse all you like, just not too loud, if you’re crocheting in a cafe or a public place. *grin


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