Am I Marsala Blouse in Crochet

marsala1This project was born when I scrambled around my cupboard shelves and found several cakes of these colours laying around doing nothing. I don’t like it that they did nothing. So I turned them into this blouse. The colour combo is to my liking, and of course, I made it for me ūüôā

Finished it in one week, although I stumbled upon some difficulties, because I miscounted the total number of squares I need to make it fitted to my body. I’m planning to make a tutorial¬†out of this style,¬†which means: another¬†blouse for me! Yay!

¬†I am not prepared to make this post yet, I have things to figure out and photograph, but I promise I will get back to this post again and give a more detailed information. Why? Because I made this project just as I go, joining as I go, I did not even measure my body to fit into the measurements needed. I just¬†went and crochet it. Of course, whomever with L body¬†size can follow the instruction without altering any measurements. Remember, L size… well, probably M would do too.. S size might need only three¬†squares in the front and back. Unless you really like baggy type of blouse, then you can¬†also use this measurements for S body size. For me, I like it fitted.

Okay, the¬†name Marsala — well, I thought it is in the same shade as the colour Marsala from Pantone colour guide of 2015. Actually, my eyes just catch maroon, a dark maroon. Whatever, colour is not really something that is politically correct, right? LOL.


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