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This is a post in which I note down the progress of this blanket project called Crochet Blanket: Terra Incognita. I will be using 8 colours of Cashmilon yarn, and I was requested to do it granny style. Of course, I would not be doing a traditional granny square, because I do not want it to turn out like that blanket in Nailbiter movie (do watch, it’s a good horror movie). So I head on to my Photoshop and came up with this design on the right. Somehow the colours reminded me of something Peruvian or Aztec related artefacts. LOL. But, still, I chose to name it Terra Incognita, as it also represents colours that I used to know in the Munsell colour chart for terracotta and stratigraphy colour coding. There will be no pumice-like colour there, as I am missing the whites and grey. But it’s still stratigraphy.

This is the basic pattern I am going to use:


According to my plan, I am going to do it in solid colours, and then join them by seaming in the back. I have never tried this technique in a huge project before, I have always used JAYGO method. But I think it’s worth a try and I think — well, hope — I am going to like it.

There has been a slight change with the colour palette, but I managed to come up with a design with several border options. The basic palette that I am going to use for this project is:


It’s something I came up with the help of Photoshop and Colorpix software, by searching for the colours’ RGB code through the picture of the yarns. Visualisation is important, right? It’s a deductive approach to this project. Especially, I want to have a sketch on how the project is going to turn out. The size of this blanket will be 180×210 cm sans the border. I am going to count how many squares are needed per colour now. Hang on… WHAAAA??? 378 squares to go! Hahaha… Okay, the system of working that I have thought about includes finishing up to 20 squares per day. If I can fill in that quota per day, I am hoping to finish the blanket in at the very least one month. One and a half month, top. Ambitious, no?? Hahaha. I remembered a professor of mine yelled at me inside a cave, when I told him I want to finish up cataloguing at least 5-10 skeletal remains per day. He shouted, “Have you gone mad???! You’re too ambitious!” Deep down, I told him to shove it and I managed making my own 200 pages report on those remains, in weeks time. Suck it, Prof. Ambition is my fuel. The point is to have a system and sticking to it. Nah! That’s the challenge.

UPDATE: March 6th, 2015

IMG_4225 - Copy

8 colours of Terra Incognita

We’re going with the design #2, as per request. Am I sad? Nooooo… it’s also wonderful. I really can’t wait to start working. Oh, and I have made a sampler with some other colour, just to check how many rounds do I need each square — and I figured out that I need 5 rounds of this granny square to reach the measurement of 10×10 cm per square. Which, I can finish in a jiffy. Judging by the Design Two colour palette, I think I am going to need more of #44 and #46 to make the border happen. Yarn count will start with 16 cakes of yarn weighing 100 grams each.

Yarns arrived!! Yay…. I am sooo excited that I can start working on the project now. I just looooove the yarn colours. They’re kind of exactly(what sort of phrase is that???) like what I had imagined — well, approximately, according to the RGB codes on Photoshop. LOL. Here are the beauties that I have been drooling over the past two hours. Now to start with the project! Wish me luck!!!

UPDATE: March 10th, 2015

Yuhuuu… I have to admit that I got distracted with my personal project: a pair of palazzo pants — which is almost DONE now and it made me feel so accomplished. HAHA. Self gratification rate is so high now. Don’t you feel that way when your project is done? You smile, take pictures, and admire your work. But me, at the very last of the phase, I will usually criticize my own work. Something between the lines of: “Oh, I should have done it this way or that way…” It’s the lessons learned from current project and to be applied in the next project. Says who I will stop making pants? I won’t. I love it. The fact that I don’t have to purchase fancy pants for myself is very delightful. I will still buy jeans, though. LOL. Anyways, prior to the pants distraction, I managed to stitch up the lower left corner of the blanket. The project pretty much is very fast growing and since I already have the chart, I can estimate which colour comes next and after 10-20 squares, I started to stitch them altogether. This way, the project runs faster than having to figure out the colour placements later in the project. I have a file that I can mark which squares I have stitched up. Just a simple note for myself, so I won’t miss my way. Consider it as a map for the journey through Terra Incognita. Aw! Pssst, I am wearing my palazzo pants now, and they are soooooooooooooooo comfy….!!! Okay, okay… On to the Terra Incognita… See you in the next update! 🙂

UPDATE: March 26th, 2015

Hola! I have just been counting and counting yarns. By my calculation, I needed 45 balls of yarn in total. Oh don’t get me started on the detail of the calculation. LOL. It takes 2 hours to figure out everything, up to the pricing. But, I set things right and I nearly ran out of some of the yarns I already have for this project. Things are working out gooood. The possibility of my departure to yet another field excavation is going to put this project on a very slow progress. But, there is no fixed date yet, until today, so maybe I am not included in the team. Meaning: I can FOCUS and do what I am supposed to do: being responsible to the ordered project. Something that VERY FEW people understand.

UPDATE: March 27th, 2015

DSC_0015Pheww, I have been cutting a lot of yarns. I found a new method (at least for me… I don’t know if anyone already practiced this method) that is considerably more convenient to the possibility of crocheting in the waiting room of the airport, in case I do need to go on that field excavation. What’s certain is that I can’t bring in my scissors, so I cut everything in advance, accordingly to my calculation last night, and bring these strings instead. So, I won’t need any scissors anywhere I work — and squares can still be produced. I figured that this way it is more compact to carry, and I won’t have to have bulges in my bag caused by the balls of yarn. Yay. I can even attach these strings to an i-cord and make it neater in my carry-on bag and hopefully won’t cause tangle. LOL. Don’t you just hate it when yarns tangled? Errgh…

UPDATE: May 6th, 2015

Craaaap! It’s already 2 months! LOL. I do have a progress though… 🙂 I have finished more squares, but so far managed to attach these and some other that I have not marked on this chart. At this point, my brain already storms in the hurricane of colours for my next personal blanket project, using the same yarn and hopefully I will get all the colours I want. Kasmilon is pretty unstable in production, and that is why I wouldn’t dare to sell it in my shop. I do understand that home industry yarns rely greatly in the raw material available. But would my customers understand that?

UPDATE: May 7th, 2015

Okay — so, another epiphany came up in the middle of the project and I had to RIP OFF the stitches I made to join them, because apparently WEAVE STITCH DOESN’T WORK FOR DEE. You see how IMPORTANT planning is?? Tssssk… But, it’s okay, I’m known as a multitasker, so I can rip off the stitches and join them again immediately with the new method. What is it? What is the new method? Well, I was frustrated to see how several yarn colours still popping out in between the squares, even though I used weave stitch. I don’t like it. It does not represent the quality I want of my final item, and it certainly does not represent the price the customer is paying. Expensive means one of a kind, immaculate, and pristine. So… I stumbled upon this post by Lucy in Attic 24, tried it on several un-joined squares, and LOVED THE LOOK. THAT is WHY I rip off my earlier stitches. I do have pictures comparing the two methods, but Lucy also have a good and representative photographs to explain the points and problems I came across. Go an check out her post, yeah? 🙂 This is one method that I will be sticking to, and I obviously will use it in my future projects.

Why would I go over the pain of ripping off stitches, you ask? Because I am simply a severe perfectionist. I know, sometimes it gets me into troubles, but I’d better be in enough trouble and get the best results, instead of accepting things as it is with mediocre result. Ask anyone, they know I hate that. Roughly calculating, this ripping off session will not interfere with my three weeks window to finish the blanket. I nearly finish all the squares I need to make, so I can allocate more time on perfecting the finishing touches.

Now — I do came across the thought of having the blanket fringed. I did found some methods of making fringes, but I don’t know if my customer want it fringed. LOL. I must ask.

UPDATE: May 10th, 2015

Following up to my severe perfectionist habit, I managed to attach 10 columns of the blanket chart — which is awesome! I am 8 columns away from finishing the whole panel. Took a picture today, with the blanket halfway done, and I can see it is gorgeous. Ihihihi… self gratification detected.

I LOOOVE how the colours work together and oh! just LOVELY! 🙂 Now I don’t think the blanket should be fringed. Noooo… I think the border will do just fine 🙂



UPDATE: May 16th, 2015

Sprawled across the floor 🙂

It’s nearing the self-claimed deadline — NEXT WEEK and I am still not sure if I can cover the border with what I have left of Cashmillon #47. I might have to order more. Really, the thing with using Cashmillon is a little bit bothering me. It is a home produced yarn type and I shall expect any inconsistency in its production. Sometimes the colours just aren’t produced anymore due to lack of raw material. Again, this is why I cannot bear to have this type of yarn sold in my shop. I like consistency and I do know for sure that the customers do too. Anyway…

I will be extremely happy when the blanket is done, so I can move on to my next order, a dress, also using Cashmillon yarn. There will be of course, another post for this one.

UPDATE: May 24th, 2015

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOO!! I can breath easy now. 🙂 It’s done! DONE DONE!! Photos will be up tomorrow before getting it to the washing machine. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 it’s DONE and I feel soooo accomplished. LOL. Self gratification time! 🙂

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