Crochet Bolero


this time I am trying to make this simple crochet bolero using the pattern from Lanas y Ovillos, yes, my favourite pattern source. I fell in love with the execution since the beginning I watched her video on Youtube. I rarely wear boleros, but I guess there is no harm in starting a new fashion habit, right? I am going to use this pattern as the basic pattern, because I am making some modifications. I think I am going to do the collar differently, since, I don’t really fancy the shell/fan type of stitches. Of course, you can still do it, if you like, but I have chosen not to. I am imagining the end product to be more like a shrug than a short bolero. We’ll see, the design is still in my head. LOL.

I am using Cashmillon yarn number 23, and spent 1 ball of yarn (100 gr) to make one arm and a small part of the back panel. For this yarn, I am using Tulip Gold 5/0 with relaxed tension.

Pattern is available on this webpage. Due to copyright etiquette, I am NOT going to publish the pattern here nor will I translate the pattern too. Original pattern is in Spanish, but she also has her website in English, if you don’t read Spanish. Click here for the pattern in Spanish or here for English pattern. The pattern includes measurements of S, M, L, and XL. Very convenient, no?? I will, however, put pictures on where I add my modifications, and it’s very very very extremely simple. Seriously, you can just work on it while watching the next season of American Horror Story or Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD (both starting in September 2015!! :)).

I have tried making a size M using the same pattern, and although size M fits me allright, I wanted to try and make a bigger size, still I don’t want it to be too baggy. So, instead of an XL, I am making it for size L. I just finished the first phase of the left arm (see picture below). I am very satisfied with my colour choice and truly can’t wait for it to be done so I can flaunt it when I wear it. 🙂

Tadaaah…. this is the look from the original pattern, without the collar (left) and with collar halfway done (right). Now, I am going to add my own collar and I still can’t decide whether I want it to be with long or short sleeves. Oh, and the colour difference on each pictures is due to different lighting I used when photographing. Yeah, I kinda did not pay more attention to proper lighting, please forgive me. The correct colour is on those photographs with mannequin (a.k.a. with proper lighting). 

Up until this stage, I have used 300 grams of Cashmillon yarn. I still have 300 grams more on my shelves, ready to be used, if I decided to make it with longer sleeves. Perhaps, 7/8 sleeves is not a bad idea after all.

I will continue on this post when I am done with the bolero.


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