Crochet Granny Top

l40601aFirst of all, I do not know what a crochet slip-on is. Judging by the shape and how it is worn by the model, my bet is that it’s probably some sort of short poncho, or vest. Hahaha. The point is, it’s a crochet granny top, that you can wear flattering your t-shirt or tank-top. I liked the pattern, the first time I read it, and I think it is doable and suitable for my limited beginner’s skills. So, I dared myself to try and make it.

Original pattern can be found on Lionbrand.com or by clicking here. Again, my challenge is to figure out the basic count of chain, to make it suitable to my body size. After my first trial, if you’re using a fingering yarn, you can easily follow the pattern instructions by chaining 232 chains in the beginning. But fingering yarn is sooo small *yawn! I did make one with my Soft Cotton: Misty Grey, but gotten bored in the middle, so I decided to work with Big Ply Cotton: Absolute White and Kaleidoscope. And they worked out QUICKLY!! Isn’t that what we all wanted?? Crocheting items that works out quickly!?

Project StatusDone

Skill level: 02-easy


  • 3 balls of Absolute White Big Ply Cotton (KGP-06)
  • 3 balls of Kaleidoscope Big Ply Cotton (KGS-13)
  • stitch markers
  • Tulip Gold Hook size 7/0
  • Scissors
  • darning needle

Start date: 27 January 2015

End date: 28 January 2015


Anyways, I counted and counted and figured out that the beginning chain should be in multiple 4. This will be useful to adjust the size of the collar. If you do not want it to be as low, just reduce the number of the beginning chain, as long as it is multiple of 4. And make sure that they don’t twist when you join into a circle. This piece is worked in rounds, which is AWESOME and QUICK (again).

A little close up

A little close up

I miscounted my rounds, and one side contains of 16 3dc-clusters and the other one contains 17 3dc-clusters. But, you can’t actually see it, right? Pffft, I just realised this after 10 rounds and refuse to unravel them all and re-do it. I’m just THAT lazy. I figured, I will do something in the end to make each side symmetrical.

Here’s the basic construction of the fabric….

slip-on (6)

It’s 28th of January now.

I nearly finished the garment and will be sure to wear it on my nephew’s birthday party. 🙂 I completely went out of the way from the original pattern and decided to modify it into my own. But still, the original designer gets all the credits, yea? I will finish it today and will post the pics of the finished ones. After that, I will get on to another tops, based on this design too, but with a lighter yarn. Imagine grey + fuchsia.


Minus the white on bottom border…. 85% done. 10 more inches


Another Close-up


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