Crochet Restraining Order

Hola! February’s coming to an end. Look how fast time rolls and how many times I spent just staring at Pinterest and “trying” to decide which project I am going to try. There’s a limit to it. I have to get a crochet restraining order by “trying” to limit my projects for myself. LOL. I kept on getting distracted by new methods and tricks I discovered on Pinterest. Hence, I am blaming Pinterest. LOL. It’s a JOKE! I don’t blame Pinterest… how could I? It’s heaven there… 🙂 So, I came up with some of the most projects I want to try this year as a guideline and a reminder of which project I want to do. Thus, limiting my search on Pinterest/Google, into those related to the projects. My brain bleeds. LOL.

2015 projects_dee - Copy

See those images should keep me in line and in order on what I am working on, also with the help of my crochet journal. So if I got deviated from it, hopefully only a couple of degrees. 🙂 I have only managed to try two of the projects above, but this is only February, right? I still have 10 months to learn.




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