My Amigurumi Story

Maybe I once mentioned that I hate amigurumi. Guess what? I changed my mind. I pushed myself to be open-minded a little bit and tried amigurumi; in fact, I kinda like it. Yeah, I changed my mind a lot lately. But I believe this one is for a better skill, if I really want to embrace this profession as a crocheter.

My amigurumi story began a few weeks ago when I really want to make a toy for my nephew; something that can come out from my yarn stash, so I wouldn’t have to spend money to buy him toys. Plus, it is his age to start learning about animal names and shapes, too. So, it’s a plus-plus added value. I browsed around Youtube trying to find something cute, understandable, and doable — and apparently my heart was set on this cute pattern of sheep — but the instructions were in Spanish. My Spanish is very very limited and rusty, especially when it came to crochet terminologies, but that won’t stop me. Because the video has the pattern translated into English crochet terminology. Yay!! I watched the video once, twice, after I thought I had gotten the idea of how to work it, I started off with my own yarn. You can watch the video here:

written pattern (in Spanish) can be accessed on this website: Lanas y Ovillos

I really like how she explains things. Very clear and concise. Just what I like in a video tutorial: cover the important things. I checked out her website, Lanas y Ovillos, and found plenty of free patterns in spanish — and they’re all great as well as doable. Teehee…

I have to admit that I don’t follow the regulations of amigurumi very well, that is, to use small yarn size. Anyway, is there such regulation? LOL. I am not a friend of small yarns, sorry… my patience has limits. So, I decided to use ANY yarn that is comfortable for my eyes. I used big ply cotton (yarn size 3) or big ply soft cotton (yarn size 3) and use suitable hooks, Tulip 5/0, or sometimes I use Tulip 6/0; depending on my eyes’ moods. I have a customer friend that I can also use polyester (yarn size 2) but when I tried it, bleeeegh… it’s too small for me, although it might be better for amigurumis. Anyways, it does not matter. Using bigger yarn means that my product will be bigger in size.

So, I ended up making 2 ovejas a.k.a. sheep in white and black, one rabbit, and one classic teddy bear.  I am yet to be so passionate about amigurumi (but starting to like it…), so I have yet to aim high as to create my own pattern. LOL. I haven’t figure out the keys to make amigurumi patterns. Although I already noted that all ami starts with 6 scs. I also was not a friend of single crochets. I used to preferably avoid using them in the past, but— now I don’t anymore. I am now eager to use single crochets, although I still can’t use it on small yarns… my poor eyes.

With this note, I feel so happy how my interest can expand over the year of opening a yarn shop. I loved the journey I went through learning by myself and building new skills. All thanks to Youtube Institute of Education.

What I have learned so far:

  1. All amigurumi starts with magic circle (or chains) and 6 scs,
  2. Counting stitches is ESSENTIAL,
  3. Stitch  marker is NECESSARY,
  4. The awesome trick of invisible decrease is also ESSENTIAL and NECESSARY,
  5. Meticulous seaming techniques to join body parts are best done with needles & sewing yarn.

The list could go on along the journey of learning amigurumi. What I love about amigurumi is that it gives my perfectionist side an outlet. I just frogged my teddy bear, because I didn’t use the invisible decrease on it. So I frogged it, de-stuffed it, and un-seamed his limbs. I started it over from the first 6 scs, from the beginning. Remember, amigurumi beginners, LEARN INVISIBLE SC DECREASE!!!

Matilda the Bunny – Pattern by AMIGURUMI AŞKINA

Sheila the Sheep – Pattern by Lanas y Ovillos

Teddy the Bear – Pattern by Little Yarn Friends

Wally the Whale – Pattern by Mis Pequicosas (Bellena Azul)

Olivia the Owl – Pattern by Fukurou Crafts

I have more lessons to learn on making Amigurumi, but I do enjoy it and have had my own words fed to my mouth. LOL. Amigurumi has become interesting and doable instead of impossible. Have a joyful and crochetful day! 🙂


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