Tunisian Knit Stitch Pillow Case

This is my first 2015 project. I have a set of ugly pillows in my bed, and I am bored to death with my pillow cases, so… I decided to have a go on making some new ones. This time I am going to make one using my beloved Tunisian knit stitch. Why this stitch? Because it’s so fluffy and comfortable to sleep in. I just love the texture it creates as a fabric and using Katun Big Ply seems like the best option.

My Katun Big Ply collection has plenty of colour choices, from plain to multi-colored ones. I decided to play with both types of yarn colourways.

Project Details


  • 3 balls of KGS-02
  • 3 balls of KGP-03
  • 1 ball of KGP-21
  • 1 ball of KGP-06
  • 5.00 mm Tunisian hook
  • 6/0 Tulip Gold crochet hook
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle
Working Duration 2-3 days. I started on the 1st of January 2015.



 How-to Instructions:

1. Fsc 52 stitches, after measuring my pillow. (watch how to Fsc below in the video) As you know, I really like starting my projects with Fsc.

2. Work Tunisian knit stitch on all rows for 21 – 22 inches, also after measuring my pillow. (watch the video on how to Tunisian knit stitch)

3. Work sc around the fabric for borders. Top it off with hdc for another round.

4. Make 3 pieces.

5. Sew in the pieces together…and…

Tadah moment…


I still have to learn on how to do it right and neat. Sewing in together all three pieces did not sound as easy as it was. Tsk! Plus, I have to move the buttons position from where they are now, because simply, they don’t match the buttonholes. LEAVE WORKING ON THE BUTTONS UNTIL THE VERY LAST MOMENT!!!! Do you see that ugly gap when I insert the pillow?? Errgh… fail 1. LOL. The arrows show where the buttons should be.

Overall, I am quite satisfied with the result. I love how the texture from Tunisian knit stitch felt like, and I slept on this pillow last night, too.. Feels LOVELY.

I used up to 8 balls of yarn. Tunisian stitch does seems to eat a lot of yarns. But, hey, it’s worth it! You can try another type of stitch to decrease the number of yarn balls you would like to use.

I am making another one, as I still have another ugly pillow I need to decorate with (that will be another post).

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