Simple Crochet Shrug: Grey Matters

Sources: 1. Sequoia Shrug; 2. Canyon Shrug; 3. All About Ami

After all these attempts in crocheting garments, I did stumble upon this type of clothing over and over again. I figured, it is a MUST MAKE item for every beginner crocheter or even advanced crocheter. The concept is VERY EASY and the repetition of pattern is very therapeutic, as I found it when I was working on mine. I did decided to make one for myself and probably more in the future as well. Perhaps, this item can be one of the products I can sell too.

For this project, I am trying to employ the soft cotton acrylic – an upcoming collection in the shop, perhaps before the end of 2015. I am using my favourite colour: grey and I am naming this project as Simple Crochet Shrug: Grey Matters.

The concept, as stated on EVERY free pattern about this item, is to start crocheting a large piece of crocheted fabric using either sc, hdc, and/or dc. Or perhaps you want to apply your own pattern. No problem. The point is to have the panel in one large almost-rectangle or perfect square. The shape of the fabric will determine the shape of your final product. For this project, I will have one large panel of an almost-rectangle sized 39’ x 42’. See, it is not quite a square, but also not quite a rectangle. I was following the Canyon Shrug pattern, but perhaps I got a little bit shifted on the initial measurement, but THAT IS NOT A PROBLEM. That’s what I love about crochet. You can make a mistake into something stylish.

I am using the painstaking and boring sc with ribbing effect, which means, I will be doing the scs on the BACK LOOP only. Why not getting creative with another pattern, Dee? Well, I just thought I want to have something classic and simple as a keepsake and after I get the jizz on what I have to do, I will take the adventure to a new level. I hope. LOL. I don’t know yet how long the soft cotton acrylic ball is, but I am now on the fourth ball. Based on my gauge calculation, I think I will be using up to 12 balls.

Of course, I started the piece with my favourite Fsc. I Fsc-ed until my initial row is 39’ long and then I started to sc like crazy. I just love how soft cotton acrylic felt in my hook and hand. They’re just lovely. IMPORTANT: Roughly calculating the gauge, 3 balls will suffice to make 10 inches thick of a panel, using soft cotton acrylic and employing sc stitches. Perhaps, using dc or hdc stitches will make the gauge differ.

I am on the 7th ball of yarn now and I can’t wait to see how it turned out, so I decided to seam the sides as planned and see how much longer I want to shrug to be. I left 7′ worth of armholes on each side.  Afterward, I realize that I still need a few more inches to make. Perhaps 5 to 7 inches more. The back of the shrug still hangs above of my bum, and I don’t like it. I want to make it a little bit longer so it would cover my pretty arse. 🙂 Now, I have to frog the seams and continue on with that several more inches. Overall, I love how the shrug turned out. A very precious result from several weeks of work. I am HAPPY!




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