WIP2016: Crochet Virus Shawl

AUGUST 8, 2016

I should have been writing another report from the past archaeological events that I worked on, but instead, I decided to sit down and write an entry about something crochet-y. In the Facebook group of Official CCC Social Group, there are a lot of people who have posted their works on the infamous Virus Shawl. Please, just Google it and you’ll find lots of wonderful renditions of this pattern. As per August 8, 2016 there are 353,000 search results when I entered the keyword “crochet virus shawl”. Can you imagine?!??! Haha.

On the Official CCC Social Group, I saw people use the marvellous colours from Lady Dee yarns by Traumwolle Traumgarne. Yeaaa, it bears my name, but it is not mine… LOL. Secretly wanting for a chance to move to Europe one more time to be able to purchase this yarn excessively. Below are some of the examples from this yarn. I am literally drooling now. I loooove the Vom Winde verweht. This project is actually – in my opinion – friendly with any type of yarn you choose. For me, after several trials, I prefer to work with fingering or lace type of yarn for a more flowy result. Since Indonesia has no Lady Dee yarn, and it is way too expensive for me to get one, I settled my choice upon local rayon yarns from my shelves. Plus, I prefer to use variegated or multicoloured rayon yarns. They’re simply marvellous, although I need to learn to be patience working with such small sized yarn.

If you have more questions about the pattern, e.g. who invented it, when did it started getting around the web, etc; please go to this page on Ravelry and read the entry made by Julia Marquardt. Since the original designer of this pattern is (still) unknown or undiscovered, I will refer to Virustuch Ravelry page as my source of pattern. Althooooouuugh; because I work a little bit faster by reading crochet diagrams, I did found a really nice and neat diagram from the dear Google. If you realise it by now that this blog does not support right-click function, you might want to search it on Google by yourself using the keyword: “virus shawl crochet chart” or “virus shawl crochet diagram”.

Virus Shawl Diagram from Woolpedia.com

Virus Shawl Diagram from Woolpedia.com

At first, I do not really believe what people on Facebook were saying,

It’s so easy to do…

…it worked up really fast…

…you can immediately leave the diagram alone and continue without it…

But, I stand corrected. It is indeed very very very extremely easy. Therefore, I would join everyone else and say that this project is very suitable for advanced beginner — those who have mastered tension, creating chains, sc, dc, and that’s all about it.

S0198071 - CopySo, when I decided to give this pattern a go, I dug deep into the piles of old yarns I have on my shelves and found several colour options. I decided to go with this rainbow rayon yarn — an old one, I don’t think the online shop exist anymore today. I bought this, perhaps back in 2008, no— I don’t remember. I have about 350grams of this colour and I think it will be enough to make one awesome rainbow virus shawl. The magic number of this pattern is 10, 7, and 4. Just keep those numbers in your head and you’re ready to wing it. I am not even halfway through the shawl, but I can’t wait to take pictures and show it around the world wide web. What should I do if in the end I have to play chicken with the yarn? Well, I am sure I can combine it with other white coloured leftover yarns somehow. I will bring this project to my excavation trip — to kill away the sunburn and the stress of excavating human remains for a week and then having to finish cranial reconstruction for the next 2-3 days (mission: impossible). We’ll see if I’ll manage to move along with the pattern. Haha.

AUGUST 9, 2016

I’m sorry, I can’t help it. I have been infected by the virus of the Virus Shawl. It resulted in me, choosing two other colours of rayon to work on with. Tsk!


Sept 10, 2016

I declare that September is especially to work on various colours of Virus Shawls. I cannot believe how bad I am infected by this pattern. Hahaha. I have finished and half-finished perhaps 5 colours, which means, 5 shawls. I hope it is okay to sell them… I don’t see any copyright infringement on the pattern page. Yes, I think I am going to sell some of these beauties for those who want it. Shipping within Indonesia only.




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